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Stump Grinding from Pinewood Tree Surgery and Fencing, in Yateley, Sanhurst, Camberley, Ascot, Fleet and Crowthorne

Stump Grinding and Removal

Tree stumps can be left in the ground after the tree has been felled, but the decision to leave them there can, in some cases, cause a problem. Not only can they be unsightly and in the way of future gardening projects, but the stump may form new shoots and possibly spread roots diseases such as honey fungus which can cause issues.

It makes economic sense to pay a little extra to remove the tree stump at the same time as removing the tree itself, rather than incurring the additional costs at a later date. It is important to have to right equipment and techniques to remove the stumps, particulary as some of them can be very large and heavy.

  • Pinewood is licensed to carry garden waste

  • All garden waste is recycled

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Our Homeowners Say

Our Homeowners Say

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Adding Value

At Pinewood Tree Care, Landscaping & Fencing, we understand that landscaping your garden, can not only change the overall appearance but also add value to your property; therefore we know how important it is for all work undertaken to fit exactly to your requirements.